The Museum of Online Museums Documentary
      "The Curators"

      The Dr. Dan Graur Special Collection
      A collaborative commission for the collection of
      Dr. Dan Graur

      A Very Big Show About Very Small Objects
      Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
      Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
      Topeka, KS

      Say it isn't so
      Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen
      Bremen, Germany

      Elements of Scale
      Beckman Medical Library
      Washington University
      St. Louis, MO

      Herndon Gallery
      Antioch College
      Yellow Springs, OH

      Green Lantern
      Around the Coyote Fall Festival
      Chicago, IL

      Very Small Objects
      The Stevenson Union Gallery
      Southern Oregon University
      Ashland, Oregon

       HUGE detail
      The McLean County Art Center
      Bloomington, IL

      Very Small Objects: A New System of

      CSPS Gallery, Legion Arts
      Cedar Rapids, IA